Make better use of customer information to maximize your sales opportunities

Win more strategic projects with improved margins

Increase data quality and data consistency in sales

Use your CRM system more effectively

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Consulting services for sales performance and CRM performance:

The performance of a CRM system can be sustainably improved for many customers. From the experience of many customer projects, we know that there are untapped CRM potentials in most companies. We help you to recognize and implement these potentials.


Embedding in the digital overall strategy

Selection CRM Platform & Integrator

User Enablement

Process and demand analysis

Your sales organization is usually one of the most expensive departments in your company. Account managers and sales specialists should spend their time as effectively as possible at the customer and not be bound by administrative tasks.

The information that your sales department receives from its customers is not only important for sales, forecasting or customer planning. Your controlling, production plan or product development also needs this information in order to work successfully and to stand up to the competition.

We help you to implement CRM systems and align sales processes accordingly, with little effort, collecting this information and benefiting the entire company.

Our way to success for your CRM system

The introduction of a CRM system usually requires the processes within the company to be mapped or redefined in the CRM system. Based on our many years of experience of our sales and IT consultants, we help you to define these interfaces between application, process and sales. We see CRM not as an IT project, but as an initiative of the management to change the distribution to current distribution methods based on an IT tool.

Unser Angebot:

  • Workshops for recording the actual and target situation

  • Definition of the strategy for the future

  • Best Practices in the CRM use with well-known major customers and medium-sized companies

  • Viewing angle from the perspective of the user. Solutions that make sense and are relevant to the user

  • Project management in the implementation

  • Integration of strategic sales methods into CRM (eg target account selling)

  • Success control and development of relevant KPI for payment models and sales management